We, Henan JiangHe Paper CO.,LTD (JiangHe Paper), are a specialized manufacturer for carbonless and thermal paper. Founded only in 2002, JiangHe Paper has today become one of the biggest carbonless and thermal paper makers and exporters from China.

Thanks to our strong engineering team.,JiangHe Paper has over the years seen a rapid increase in its specialty paper production from abt 40,000 t/a between 2003-2004 to 600,000 t/a today. The export sales alone has increased from a mere 500 tons of carbonless paper in 2005 to around 48,000 tons carbonless and thermal paper,US$70 million in 2013. Today JiangHe Paper is a key exporter and our   brand is the top export brand in Henan Province. 

JiangHe Paper is a private business with RMB 3.8 bln capital asset,including a mill site of 660,000 M2, five paper machines (one 2640mm wide, one 3100mm wide, one 5600mm wide and two 3180mm wide), multiple off machine coaters, slitter rewinders and sheeters for carbonless and thermal paper production.

JiangHe Paper is ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality sysem, GB/T28001:2011 certified for occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO 14001:2004 certified for environmental management, and a responsile paper is FSC-COC certified, and delivers to customers white or tinted CB, CFB,CF, and thermal paper under multiple brands

 for our customer`s varied quality requirements, and from our new PM6, wen could also offer to our customers Hi-Bulk publication grades.

JiangHe Paper owns 4 sibsidiary companies, Henan Nanbei Paper,a sales company, Henan DaZhi Paper Machinery, an engineering company, JiangHe Bio-Energy Company, Shandong JiangHe Paper, a paper maker .